Our Mission

Botswana Safari Tours aims to provide you with the absolute best experience when traveling to Botswana to explore the big game – and small! You can fully rely in our trustworthy and experienced guides, and we see to it that you leave Botswana wanting to come back!

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Botswana Safari Tours

Botswana Safari Tours was set up by three friends from Sweden that has been operating Safaris in Africa for more than 10 years and their Botswana partner who has firsthand experience in all Botswana Safaris and national parks.

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Personalized tours

Botswana Safari Tours specializes in the personalized planning of wildlife safaris to Botswana. We provide both scheduled, small group tours as well as customized itineraries to meet our clients’ specific interests and budget. We offer what we think really adds value to our clients and time to meet the local people, and we like to remind our clients that by traveling to Botswana, they are supporting the tourism industry which is the mainstay of much of the economy and directly impacts many small communities.

Guests on a tour - Botswana Safari Tours
Sun sets in Botswana

Trust and quality

We know that our clients have other choices for assistance in planning a trip to Botswana, however, we strongly believe that we distinguish ourselves by the knowledge and professionalism of our staff, our many years of experience, our focus and commitment to eco-tourism, our destination expertise, our consultative style and our dedication to quality. We guarantee you'll come to trust and rely on our years of experience and expertise as we work with you to plan your special trip to this magical continent.

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Low impact

At Botswana Safari Tours, we provide our clients with practical travel guidelines that also underscore the importance of low-impact travel. We stress that the countries they are visiting are not merely "photo opportunities" but living cultures of both people and animals. We advise our clients to be mindful of their status as guests while visiting these countries. As a matter of course, and a matter of principle, we encourage our clients to gain an understanding of the people who live in Africa as well as the wildlife, for it is through mutual interaction, that genuine caring and learning is fostered. Our clients’ extraordinary feedback continually reinforces this policy, and many of our clients stay in touch with guides that they met in Africa while on one of our tours.

Camp Site  - Botswana Safari Tours
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Knowledgeable and reliable guides

The safari and tour guides we work with are extremely well-trained and knowledgeable, and the conservation and social perspectives they share with our clients are as valuable as the wildlife experience. Without exception, our clients return home from Botswana with their expectations surpassed; in most cases, people find that their experience was far more educational than they had expected, and that the depth of their learning far more significant than any other trip. This is the kind of experience we know is waiting for them. Our commitment is not just to the wildlife of Botswana, but also to her people.